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    The Travel Apprentice Guidebooks are for people who want to safely travel at their own pace within a budget and make the most of their precious travel time.

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    New FREE Travel Guide

    Stage 12 - Group Travel Answer some tough questions about traveling in a group.


    New Time-Lapse Vid!

    V A N C O U V E R - My new time-lapse video in HD.

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    Spotlight: Travel Planning

    Stage 8 - Planning

    This Stage has eleven sections for planning travels. The most important Stage of the Travel Apprentice Guidebooks is Stage 8 - Planning (free download) and it's also the most rewarding stage as you'll participate with several "Actions" while your travel dreams unfold.

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  • About Jeremy R. Last

    How did you arrive at writing a travel guide?

    I wrote the travel guidebook I could not find when planning my first solo trip through Europe. There were a couple of similar guides but they weren't interactive and I found that frustrating. My travel guides require participation for progress.

    What most excites you about your work & the contribution you can make?

    That travel advice is a never ending learning curve and one that I'll continue sharing. I will always assist others to prepare travelers as much as possible before their departure.

    What are you passionate about besides traveling?

    I've always been passionate about photography. I'm my biggest critic and my biggest fan and I'm always looking for new techniques. Photo and video are memories we share and I'm here to help us create better images by learning new tricks and refreshing the older ones too.

    How long have you been doing what you do?

    I've been an amateur photographer for over twenty years and I wrote the Travel Apprentice in 2009. I've been maintaining a website and utilizing the services of websites such as, facebook, flickr, and now blogger to store my creative content since 2011.

    How do you want to be remembered?

    As someone who inspired others to get a passport and leave their Country more often, so they may rest in peace without the regret of not traveling enough. It's the #1 regret for people on the verge of death and I think it's very important to travel the Earth. That's the brutal honest truth right there.

    Anything else you’d like to tell people about yourself?

    I love camping, Scotch, big breakfast & 7/11 slurpees. I'm very sincere with a deadpan sense of humor and I'm a dreamer trying to make another one come true. Thanks for reading. Cheers! :)

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    Bangkok Traffic Timelapse

    For our last night in Bangkok we stayed at the Amari Atrium Hotel and had some great views from up high. I pointed my 70-300mm zoom lens down at the traffic and shot 1000 images of various areas from our vantage point. Traffic never stops in Bangkok and it's quite remarkable that it can be this busy all day and night.

    Tofino Waves Timelapse

    Capturing Tofino with images is impossible. It's one of those places where your senses is the only way to truely absorb the location. Capturing the sound, smell, feel, view and even the taste in the air of this magical place can only be experienced with a visit but I always try to take a sense of memory home with me.

    Bangkok, Rain, Hippies, Lightning and a HUGE Rat!

    Our first day in Bangkok ended with a spectacular thunder and lightning storm. Khao San Road was busy buzzing until the rains came. People fled the street and filled the bar while Melissa and I drank Sigha Beers and sipped on Mekhong Whiskey.

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    Photography services are available for freelance work.

    Most images related to can also be purchased, so if you see something you like, let me know and I'll provide a quote.

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      My background may be unrelated to travel or photography but this is where I learned how to think critically, plan for time based on a budget and meet deadlines.

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    • Building Technology : Diploma
    • AutoCAD : Certificate
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    All Travel Apprentice eGuides will be FREE until all 20 are uploaded, then I'll design a proper cover image for each. So far the eGuides with a Green cover will be priced at probably $2.00 Canadian but for now they're all FREE.

    Even "Stage - 18 Photography" will be FREE for a while until I start packing that sucker with everything I know. I imagine Stage 18 will become so comprehensive that it'll garner it's own separate Series of Guides but that's further down the road. We'll see how it goes.

    Original Guidebook

    The Original Guidebook is only available by ordering the actual book. It's slightly outdated but the concepts are timeless and it has a great cover too :)

    List of eGuides

    The eGuides listed below are all revised chapters of the Original Guidebook.